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AlexMos 32 bits Strong Motor Integration Camera Stabilizer Encoder Kit

Build Your Strong Motor Complete Camera Stabilizer Kit !

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AlexMos 32 bits
Strong Motor Integration Camera Stabilizer Kit

Product Description:

This AlexMos kit is an authorized licencing BASECAM electronics product.

Alexmos 32 bits
Stator diameter 43mm

Package included:

– 1 x 32Bit main board
– 1 x Motor with encoder
– 1 x IMU
- 1 x Slipring
– External output cables
– Can operate as single tilt axis, pan / tilt axis or yaw pan tilt axis depending how many motors you ordering.

Input power: 3S Li (11V) or up to 6S with external voltage regulator
Operating Current: [email protected]
Attitude control accuracy: ± 0.02 degrees
Controllable rotation range
Rotation direction (PAN): ± 360 ° unlimited turns
Tilt direction (TILT): ± 360 ° unlimited turns
Rolling direction (ROLL): ± 360 ° unlimited turns
SBUS / PPM / SPI receiver support
Alexmos 32 bits licensed version
Ubec +5v 1A max

Minimum Ordering Quantity is 10 units

Documentation link
Basecam Official Documentation

Tuning Guide:

-THIS IS NOT A PLUG AND PLAY DEVICE! Brushless Camera Stabilizers and controllers are very new to the market and is an emerging technology. You will need some patience and effort to get it to work as seen in many youtube videos. We can assist you while setting up the devise.

-This product has no protection circuit, it will be damaged due to power supply polarity reversed; wrong motor will burn down driver IC; Also, incorrect connection of attitude sensor will burn down the voltage regulation unit. The cases above are not covered under the warranty.


We carry this product is for customer’s convenience to purchase. We will always assume you are capable of handling this kind of open source project by yourself as we can’t provide comprehensive technical support as you may expect. And we don’t recommend this product if you don’t have confidence to use it. Please refer to the official website and related forums for the open source project if you have any questions.

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